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A group of Amigos, very close friends from different backgrounds and businesses, united by the idea of having a place where everyone can enjoy a good meal, a nice cup of coffee, and an amazing experience. A place for the amigos. Diversity is our power! Combining different competences and experiences with an organized structure, resulted in a very good business plan. Yet, that was not enough! Passion about food, service, and customer experience was the reason behind having Los Amigos Restaurant and Cafe, influenced by several travels around the world especially in the Latin world. Los Amigos is not just a name, it is simply all of us.


His travels around the world and specially Latin America was a key to discover new frontiers in Los Amigos menu. Ahmed Galal; El primero del Amigos or the first of the Amigos! His dream and passion about “Los Amigos” was and still the engine behind the scene, his believe in each one of the team was the core to create a very strong bond between all the amigos. We started almost two years ago, planning and preparing for our first opening, Yeah! It might sound too long but the aim and pursuit of perfection is our target! Now we are so close to see this dream coming true. Thank you Ahmed Galal for having such a beautiful dream.

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+20 10 323 00 007

Rehab East Market, Shop G70, Suez Road, Cairo, Egypt


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